Gifts For 4 years old

The best gifts for girls and boys 4 years old

If you still don’t know what to give your daughter, nephew, niece, granddaughter or godchild, two specialists in child development recommend these ideas that, in addition to entertaining, will stimulate the development of the children.

When you want to get a gift or toys for 4-year-old boy or girl, you to see the bestsellers, it could be the best choice

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Motion Activated Toilet Light

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Your son, your niece, your grandchild, your goddaughter, your best friend’s son, your best friend’s classmate or your son’s best friend: whenever there is a birthday boy or girl around, or when Children’s Day is approaching, it’s time to think about a gift, an increasingly overwhelming decision considering the infinite supply available these days.

Many buy the first thing they find to get out of the rush, but there are still those who strive to give some sense to what they are going to give and not become just another piece of plastic accumulated in the trunk of toys. For them comes this guide, especially designed for children of 4 years old, and prepared with the collaboration of a child psychologist, a kindergarten educator and Wooden Wobble Balance Board, a blog and store specializing in children’s activities.

“It’s a truism, but the first thing to do is to look at the child’s interests,” says Valeska Woldarsky, a psychologist at Cetep. “Knowing that, it’s good to know that at this age certain cognitive skills begin to develop, such as intellectual and artistic, as well as social and sports skills. A gift can be a very good opportunity to test their limits as well as to develop unexplored areas, since play, not having evaluative consequences, as in kindergarten or school, is a great gateway to new interests.”

Valentina Hiriart, kindergarten educator, suggests giving gifts “without gender distinction, so that from an early age we can erase the idea that there are toys or things exclusively for girls and others for boys”. The other thing she recommends is that they should be gifts “that have more than one use, not very specific. This helps to broaden the use of the gift, so that the child can use his or her creativity in it and that its useful life is also extended”.

Gift Ideas For Cool
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